Migrane Headache immediately healed

About a two weeks ago I had been spending time in Prayer and the Word for about an hour or so.  My wife knocked on the door and told me that she was taking the kids out to the Pool, which was great because now I had the whole house to myself and I was looking forward to a time of continued prayer and meditation without any interruption from my boys.

About 10 minutes later the phone rang and on the other line was an Egyptian woman who attends our congregation on and off.

“Pastor”, she said.  “I have a severe migraine headache and I just called because I want you to pray for me.”

“You just got me at the right time”, I said.  “My family just left and I’ve been in prayer for the last hour.”  I immediately started to pray for her.  As I was praying I felt the Lord tell me to rebuke the headache and plead the Blood of Christ over her head.

When I was finished she thanked me and told me she felt better, but I wanted to see if this was a long term thing or not.  That Sunday I asked her how she felt after I prayed for her. She told me that the moment that I prayed, she immediately felt better.  “The headache left the moment you prayed for my head.”

“It’ didn’t come back?”

“No, it left for good… it never came back.”

Praise the Lord!  It’s such a blessing to know that God is concerned even about the littlest thing in our life like having a headache.


- Pastor David

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