Daniela’s Testimony

Hi, My name is Daniela. I was raised in a Catholic family with my mom, dad & brother. My mom always spoke to us about God & all the great things that He has done & continues to do. She made it a point to take us to church every sunday & always made sure we said our prayers together at bedtime.

Although, God was instilled in me as a child, there was something missing. I prayed, but I didn’t have a relationship with Our Lord & Savior. Age the age of 27, I started reading this book, “The Power Of A Praying Woman” by Stormie Omartian. This book really changed my whole way of thinking, especially chapter 3, which talks about forgiveness. Now, your thinking forgiveness, what does that have to do with anything. Well, I thought the same thing. As I kept reading she spoke about how forgiveness isn’t for the other person, but it is for yourself. Sometimes we don’t realize the wall we put up towards those who hurt us or the wrong we do against God & each other. That night changed me. That chapter changed me. I prayed the prayer of forgiveness at the end of the chapter & I was amazed at how many people in my life I needed to forgive because they hurt me so much, this also included forgiving myself for hurting others. Sometimes we blame others for everything, but we also need to stop & exam ourselves because we are not perfect. We have faults & weaknesses ourselves not just those around us or those who have hurt us.

That same night started my journey. The Lord had spoken to me in dreams & His voice was so clear as if He was standing next to me. What a soothing voice our Lord & Savior has. In several dreams He put it in my heart to forgive a certain person who is in my life today all because I obeyed Him. This person hurt me big time, but the Lord said, “Daniela forgive him & the rest will follow”. I said Lord your crazy, I can’t forgive him, do you have any idea what he did to me & how much he broke my heart, but God wouldn’t take no for an answer, he wasn’t giving up no matter how much I fought Him. I finally said ok Lord, I surrender to you. I forgive him. The Lord has been faithful since. I obeyed & He kept His word.

Does following the Lord mean that you won’t find yourself in difficult situations, NO!!! but I can tell you that having Him in my life & having a relationship with Him has truly been a blessing for me.

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