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Recomended Books

I hope you are blessed by the books we are recommending here. We have four different sections of books which have blessed us greatly. We encourage you to check them out.

Healing the Soul

The books in this section are focussed on our desire to you whole in spirit and soul. We believe that Christ is the healer of our broken hearts. We are featuring the series "Healing the Wounded Soul" written by the Pastor's mother, Dr. Arline Westmeier. She has been a psychotherapist for over 30 years in Colombia, USA, Puerto Rico and Germany. The video introduces her first volume. The other books compliment this series



Growing in your Walk with Christ

This next section features books with have helped us grow in our relationship with Christ to become more mature. We hope you will be blessed.


Inspiring Lives

This section focusses on Biographies and Autobiographies of Christians who stood in very hard and difficult places. Praying Hyde tells about a Missionary who cried out in prayer for hours for souls. We want to do the same. If I Perish tells what it feels like to be on the inside of someone who stands like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Lastly we have many Autobiographies of Muslims who came to Christ and what it cost them to do so.


Reaching the Unreached

This last section focusses on the calling of New Life Christian Center to reach the unreached. We have many books that explain how to reach out to Muslims. We encourage our Prayer Partners to take a look at these books. Read them so you know how to pray for us more effectively. We also encourage anyone who has Muslim in their community to read these books and begin reaching out.