Welcome Prayer Partners

Welcome Prayer Partners! We want to thank you for choosing to partner with our evangelism efforts in reaching the unreached people groups in New York City and around the world. If this is your first time viewing these pages you may want to read through this section as it will explain how to navigate the Prayer Partners pages and how to interpret what is going on in the lives of our contacts, so that you can pray more effectively.

The vision of these web pages is to create a global prayer community that is united in the purpose of reaching out to individuals from cultural groups that have not yet been reached with the Gospel of Christ. This is a blogging web site that allows all of us to interact as a community. We are creating individual blogs for every person with whom we are sharing the Gospel. We refer to these people as our contacts. The blogs allow our Prayer Partners to have an understanding of how prayers are being answered in specific people’s lives. It also allows Prayer Partners from around the world to interact with people who are involved in evangelism efforts with such individuals.

Here on this site we will have updates on our unreached contacts. On the left you can see the names of the people we are currently reaching out to under “Our Friends”. The page “Recent Posts” will have all the recent updates on all our contacts. For background information you will need to look on the page of the specific person. (To get to the log in page immediately click on the prayer partner link at the top of any page in the site.)

Since we are dealing with people who come from Non-Christian cultural backgrounds we are asking our Prayer Partners to be sensitive in sharing the information they may read about on this site. Many of these people have become followers of Christ (or are considering doing so) without their families knowledge or consent. Many may face persecution if their information is leaked. This is the reason we have this information password protected, and therefore, we request that identifying information not be copied to outside sources.

Feel free to post responses within the Prayer Partners web blogs. This is a way you can interact with the evangelists that are involved with particular people you may be praying for. And their responses back to you may help you pray more effectively. Come back regularly to check up on any updates. We usually have evangelism events every Wednesday night after which you may see more updates. However, many appointments with our contacts happen at different times during the week.

As you can imagine, not everybody from these kind of backgrounds are ready to receive the Lord immediately. With some people it may take months (even years) of friendship in order to break through the surface and really be ready to open up and have an honest conversation. This is one reason why we value the initial contacts and the friendships that are made, just as much as the conversions themselves. People that have been exposed to different religions all their lives are usually not ready to make a commitment to follow Jesus immediately. But keep in mind that the more we pray, and the more we listen to the Holy Spirit and put into action what He asks us to do, the more effective our efforts will be. (And it IS exciting when you start seeing your prayers being answered and you start realizing that your prayers are playing an effective part in spreading the Gospel to unreached nations.)

To help you in this effort each evangelist has rated their contact with a number next to the contacts name. The numbers are from a Scale called the Engel’s Scale. The Engel’s Scale is a measuring tool that rates our contacts from -8 to +6 and it indicates their proximity to the Gospel. With God’s guidance, our goal is to help people move up the scale regardless of whether it leads to immediate conversion or not. People at a -8 level are people who have no effective knowledge of the Gospel and may therefore not be ready to make such a commitment (Rom 10:14-15). People at level 0 are people who have come to the point of making a decision to follow Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their lives. People at the +6 level are reproducing themselves in others through effective outreach and discipleship. In the following diagram you can see how we aim to have small groups designed to reach out to people at every level:

engels scale

Please Note that in the blogs, the number next to each contacts name indicates the level that each person was at when the evangelism effort began. At the end of each blog the evangelist will rate the current progress of each contact as time goes by. You can respond to blogs that are posted with how you feel the Lord may be leading as a result of your prayers. If you need to contact an individual with private information then feel free to email them. We hope that this would encourage the evangelist who is sharing their faith and may even give them direction on how to proceed. In this way both the Evangelist and the Prayer Partner can interact through this online community and hopefully bring in a harvest of many unreached people into God’s Kingdom.

Lastly, we want to make one reference to Guidelines (something which probably doesn’t need mentioning for most). Please keep all comments encouraging, polite, and safe. Any person’s membership in the Prayer Partners community is subject to our ongoing approval and may be revoked at any time if we feel these guidelines are being violated. That being said, we hope that everyone has an awesome, Holy Spirit empowering experience in this community. And may the Standard of our Lord Jesus Christ continue advancing.

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